The Cause

Dr. Brett Burstein MD CM, PhD, MPH, FRCPC, FAAP

This year, the Déjeun’aide team will raise funds for the Febrile Young Infant Research Program led by Dr. Brett Burstein. This three-year program is set to begin in September of 2019.

Fever among infants under 90 days old remains one of the most commonly encountered clinical problems in all of paediatric healthcare. Nearly 2% of all term infants born will find themselves in an Emergency Department (ED) for fever within their first 3 months of life. At the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH), nearly 30% of all ED visits for infants under 90 days are for fever; upwards of 1200 visits/year, now accounting for 12% of all hospital admissions from the ED. Although the majority of these infants have self-limited viral illnesses, approximately 10% harbour potentially life-threatening serious bacterial infections.

Dr. Burstein is the Team Leader of an interdisciplinary and inter-professional Working Group that has developed the first Canadian unified ED and inpatient Care Process Model to standardize the door-to-discharge management of all febrile young infants.This Research Program aims to improve and standardize the care of febrile young infants, aligned with parental preferences and in view of family-centered outcomes. The overarching goals of this Research Program are to 1) determine how to safely reduce invasive testing and hospitalization for febrile young infants using currently available and newer diagnostic tools; and, 2) better understand parental preferences and identify barriers and facilitators for shared decision-making.

Established in 1973, the foundation aids in the advancement of the hospitals operations in several areas:

  • Cutting-edge medical equipment and supporting innovative programs
  • Support for research into childhood diseases
  • Advancement for teaching