Les membres du comité Déjeun’aide sont des jeunes Leaders en fin d’études supérieures et en début de carrières qui font partie du regroupement du Cercle de la relève. Ce qui unit cette équipe de passionnés est le désir d’aider la Fondation dans sa mission de soutenir l’excellence des soins prodigués à l’Hôpital de Montréal pour enfants et d’appuyer le rôle que joue l’Hôpital dans la communauté.

« En tant que membres du Cercle de la relève de la FHME, nous avons à cœur de redonner à notre communauté via des collectes de fonds créatives, dynamiques et différentes. »

– Comité Déjeun’aide

Team Picture

Comité Déjeun’aide (2017): Jake Sinclair, Coline Fiévet, Michael-Ryan Boychuk, Brett Sinclair, Thomas Sinclair, Sarah Pineau, Matthew Puglisi, Ronnie Vincelli, Julia Mouzakiotis-Paquin

Thomas Sinclair

Fondateur & Président

My name is Thomas, founder and Chair of Déjeun’aide, and I am a McGill alumnus (BA ’16) currently pursuing a masters in Business Intelligence at HEC Montreal. In recent years, it became important for me to give back to my community and the causes I value. I also noticed a strong shortage in the philanthropic initiatives undertaken by the students and young professionals in Montreal. Déjeun’aide was founded in 2016 to help the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation create new opportunities while helping the young professionals of Montreal develop their careers. Déjeun’aide is the perfect event for any student or young professional looking to get involved in philanthropy and connect with some of the brightest individuals in Canada.

Ronnie Vincelli


My name is Ronald Vincelli, and I currently study law at l’Université de Montréal. I graduated from McGill University in economics in June of 2018. I work with my family at the Jack Vincelli Nursery and Garden Centre and Dome Development. I got involved through Thomas in 2016, who is a family friend. I got involved in Déjeun’aide because I wish to help children receive the medical care they require to lead more conventional lives. The reason why any student or young professional should attend this event is because it is the only time when so many leaders of industry will be grouped into one room with the purpose of mentoring the next generation of leaders. This is your opportunity to seize!

Sarah Pineau


My name is Sarah Pineau, I am responsible of the Leaders portion of Déjeun’aide. I am currently studying law at McGill University. Prior to that, I studied at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf, which is where I first heard of Déjeun’aide. In my second year of CEGEP, I attended the first edition of Déjeun’aide and immediately saw the potential of the event. I was attending quite a lot of networking events, but this one had a different formula –a more intimate, breakfast setting — and was supporting a very good cause – children’s health. I approached Thomas with what I could offer the team and event, and was welcomed to join the Board for the second edition of Déjeun’aide, in which I took care of corporate partnerships. You should come to Déjeun’aide because it is the perfect opportunity to meet and have a meaningful conversation with some of Montreal’s most respected professionals in the intimate setting of a breakfast, while helping the MCH to improve its cutting-edge treatments to save many children’s lives.

Johan Saba

Développement communauté

My name is Johan Saba and I am currently working at CDPQ while finishing my M. Sc. in Business Intelligence at HEC Montréal. I have also recently launched a new start up called Seed AI to enable companies to better benefit from artificial intelligence by training them and helping them answer their business needs using data science. I have been to every edition so far and it has helped me lot. For instance, it has enabled me to get my first job at la Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec. I have known Thomas for a while now and when he told me he needed help to organize this amazing event. I think many students and young professionals underestimate the importance of having mentors to help and guide them during their early careers. Déjeun’aide is the perfect place to find these mentors that will help you grow professionally: there’s no excuse not to come!

Jake Sinclair


Jake Sinclair. Graduated from McGill University in Spring 2018 with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and Information Systems. I am now a Sales Consultant at Meltwater. I got involved with Dejeun’aide in early 2016 and helped organize the event in its early stages. It was important for me to give back to the hospital that did so much for me growing up, as well as support by brother’s vision to organize an event that would have a meaningful impact on our community. It is important we all get involved in Dejeun’aide because we each have something to give and something to learn. From the event Leaders to attendees, there is so much to gain from a charitable standpoint and towards the development of your professional career.

Julia Mouzakiotis-Paquin


My name is Julia, I am a Montreal native, McGill alumnus (BSc ‘15),  and currently pursuing my career in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in international consultative services. Throughout each phase of my life giving back philanthropically has remained constant, whether it was Girls for the Cure, Girls on the Run, or Dans la Rue, I felt it was important to give time to those who needed it most. After graduating it was important for me to continue to give back to the Montreal community and when Thomas pitched me Déjeun’aide winter 2016 I was equally sold and excited to be apart of something I knew had the power of being life changing. Déjeun’aide has the unique ability of bringing people together once a year from different walks of life who are looking to pursue different career opportunities, get inspired, and bring a new sense of purpose to their busy lives through philanthropy. This year YOU have the chance to be our next success story and help us hit a new milestones for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation!

Coline Fiévet


My name is Coline, I am French Italian and I graduated in Strategic Management from McGill in 2016. I currently work in real estate finance at Werkliv, a local developer specialized in student housing. I first got involved into Dejeun’aide in early 2017, I had heard a lot of great things about the event, loved the cause and wanted to get more involved. Participating as a committee member is extremely rewarding, and it is just as rewarding and enriching to come to Dejeun’aide as a participant! Don’t miss out on our event and the chance to get precious career advice from industry leaders!

Audre-Frédérique Lavoie


My name is Audrey and I and currently completing my bachelor in Business Administration and Political Science at McGill University. In the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, I am helping the Déjeun’aide team with its communication plan, with a great mentor, Julia. As a matter of always giving back what I am receiving, I am really involved in my community with Montreal Youth Council, Arts Week in NDG and was giving a lot of my time to sick children at the CHU Ste-Justine. When I first attended the event last year, I fell immediately in love with the fact that it was organized BY youth FOR youth. It is important for me to give back to the community and especially children that are in need. Déjeun’aide is a great event that makes the link between a great cause, making a difference and creating connections for a better future and greater leaders.

Brett Sinclair

Dévelopement web

My name is Brett and I am in my third year at McGill University majoring in Finance with a minor in Psychology. I joined the Déjeun’aide team after participating in the first year’s event and witnessing the phenomenal work the team has done, for both the organization and execution of the event. The Montreal Children’s Hospital has always been a cause dear to me; and to see people of all ages reunite, simply for sharing values, is truly an enchanting experience. I hope to see you at the event–for the people you will meet, the conversations you will share and the contribution you will make can bring change lasting a lifetime.

Jeremy Thibodeau


My name is Jeremy and I majored in Media Studies and Sociology at Dartmouth College before returning to Montreal to launch a new storytelling company, Rubicon Pictures & Media. I am involved with Déjeun’aide as a story consultant, developing strategy and direction for the brand’s eventual expansion into diversified formats and iterations. Déjeun’aide is a great initiative for anyone with a vested interest in bridging the gap between emerging talent and executive-level decision-makers in a benevolent context.

Comité inaugural (2016): Jake Sinclair, Daniel Lewin, Julia Mouzakiotis-Paquin, Thomas Sinclair, Camille Mongeau, Michael-Ryan Boychuk, Ronnie Vincelli