The leaders consist of successful individuals ranging from various backgrounds that include finance, real estate, consulting, engineer, law and medicine among others fields.  The leaders are responsible for sharing their experience with the attendees and inspiring the young professionals attending Déjeun’aide.

Dr. Brett Burstein

Pediatric Emergency Physician
Montreal Children’s Hospital 

Dr. Burstein obtained his medical degree from McGill University (2010), graduating from the combined M.D/Ph.D program with a doctorate from the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics (2008).

He completed both his residency training in General Pediatrics (2013) and his fellowship in Pediatric Emergency Medicine (2015) at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Dr. Burstein completed a MPH degree from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and was appointed as a Clinician-Scientist of the McGill University Health Centre Research Institute in 2018.

His primary research interest is the management of fever in infants below 3 months of life. Fever remains among the most common reasons for presentation and hospitalization in this vulnerable population at elevated risk of lifethreatening infections.

Dr. Burstein’s research focuses on diagnostic testing and clinical decision tools to guide management of these infants, with the aim of balancing the risk of underdiagnosis and the potential harms of over-investigation.

Pino (plaid)
Pino Di Ioia

Chief Executive Officer

BeaverTails Canada inc.

Pino Di Ioia (McGill MBA ’93) was 11 when he started his first venture; selling soft drinks and salvaged golf balls at a neighborhood course. At the age of 19, his passion for entrepreneurialism landed him a position as manager with BeaverTails Pastry (www.beavertails.com).

Shortly afterwards, while completing his MBA, Pino bought the store he was managing as the chain’s first franchise. Pino and his twin brother Anthony eventually went on to become the first Master Franchisees for the company, opening a total of 48 stores within the province of Quebec. In 2009 they bought out the majority of the company from the founder and are now overseeing worldwide growth. Pino is CEO and co-owner for BeaverTails Canada inc., franchisor of 175+ shops throughout Canada in the US, UAE, Mexico, and France. Along with his wife and twin brother he has also launched moozoo creamery (www.moozoo.com).

Pino lives in Montreal with his wife Tina, and their three adopted children: daughter Lucca and their sons Kai and Max… as well as their dog Milo. Work continues to be an adventure between fun walks and lots of cooking experiments with the kids…

Elana Gorbatyuk
Elana Gorbatyuk

Chief Strategy Officer and Partner

Sid Lee

Elana is Chief Strategy Officer and Partner at Sid Lee where she works with teams across the network to create meaningful and valuable experiences that people care to talk about and spend time in.

Elana began her career in management consulting, ran a branding and digital agency, and headed up strategy for a number of international agencies. Her work over the last 19+ years is focused on unlocking insights and leverage points that create unique moments of truth and experiences for brands across virtually every category. These experiences are anchored in every discipline spanning retail, architecture, product development, digital, branded content, branding, and advertising.

Elana develops and teaches a particular kind of strategy that creatively blends cultural anthropology with business and innovation strategy to solve business problems. In her spare time, Elana steers boards of start-ups and volunteers on boards that have a human rights and higher education focus.

Benoit Lacoste Bienvenue

Regional Managing Partner, Province of Québec


Frédéric Leduc
Frédéric Leduc

CEO and Co-founder

Immune Biosolutions

Frédéric is the CEO and co-founder of Immune Biosolutions, a biotech company focusing on the fast discovery and engineering of next-generation biologics through its proprietary chicken antibody discovery platform. Winner of the 2013 National Grand Prize of the Québec Entrepreneurship Contest, Fred received several innovation prizes and entrepreneurship awards, including the Spin Master/Futurpreneur innovation and growth awards, Devtech Bio contests (2013, 2016, 2017) and several others.

Frédéric is an active member of the Canadian life science (board of BioQuébec, co-organizer of the Sweet Pharma Day 2019) and entrepreneurial communities.

Frédéric holds a B.Sc. in Biotechnology from UQAM, a M.Sc. in Ecotoxicology from McGill University and a
Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Université de Sherbrooke.

Milad Jawabra
Milad Jawabra

Vice-President – Strategy and Transactions – Mergers & Acquisitions


Milad is a seasoned and versatile finance professional who brings 10 years of mergers & acquisitions experience. Milad is a vice president at EY as a M&A advisor who focuses primarily on owner-managed businesses in the mid-market and in the aerospace sector. He also has considerable experience servicing large multi-national public corporations. Prior to EY, Milad worked at Novacap, the largest private equity firm in Québec. In addition, he also worked in the mergers and acquisitions group at CGI Group Inc. Milad is a CFA charterholder.