What is Déjeun'aide?

In support of the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation (MCHF), Déjeun’aide – Breakfast with Leaders provides an opportunity for ambitious young professionals to network with business, social and corporate leaders over an intimate breakfast.  In addition to providing students and young professionals the opportunity to meet with business leaders, the event will also allow leaders to mentor and engage with the next generation of enthusiastic professionals.

Run by a team of volunteers from the Young Leaders Circle, supported by the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation, Déjeun’aide aspires to surpass its fundraising targets of the previous years’ editions. In its first two events, Déjeun’aide has managed to raise over $154,000 for the H.B. Craniofacial and Cleft Surgery Unit department and $46,000 for the Febrile Young Infant Research Program at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Déjeun’aide is the ONLY student-led charitable breakfast event in Montreal centered to connecting young professionals with business, social and corporate leaders.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Déjeun’aide committee has decided to host the fifth edition of Déjeun’aide in the form of an online webinar series. A total of four webinars will take place throughout the month of November 2020, on each Friday of the month.


13-NOV-2020 – L’industrie financière à l’ère de la COVID-19 / The financial industry in the age of COVID-19 

20-NOV-2020 – Science & COVID-19 

27-NOV-2020 – La créativité en temps de COVID-19 dans le monde du divertissement / Creativity during COVID-19 in the Entertainment World

04-DEC-2020:  L’industrie du transport en temps de COVID-19 / Transport Industry during COVID-19

To learn more about the speakers, click HERE


  • 7:00am Arrival of guests and “Early-Bird Networking”
  • 7:50am Opening statement by Thomas Sinclair, Founder of Déjeun’aide
    Speech by Dr. Brett Burstein, Montreal Children’s Hospital
  • 8:00am Video and Keynote speech by Sean Finn, CN
  • 8:15am Breakfast and mentorship of participants with their respective leaders
  • 9:15am Closing Statement by Renée Vézina, President of the Foundation
  • 9:30am End of the event


  • 26 leaders
  • Keynote Speaker: Michèle Boisvert, La caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Siegfried Usal, Thalès
  • Over $54,000 raised for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation


  • 25 leaders
  • Keynote Speaker: Martin-Luc Archambault, Founder and CEO of AmpMe
  • Over $62,000 raised for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation


  • 20 leaders
  • Keynote Speaker: Marie-Claude Elie, Google Canada
  • Over $38,000 raised for the Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation
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